DKM Diamond Micro-Finance 

Rediscovering our Financial World 



They say "impossible", we say "is just possible"


The following are the step by step measures to be considered when applying for DKM Diamond Micro-Finance.

1. Prepare your documents

Make sure you have a valid Identification Number (Voters ID, Passport number), postal address, mobile phone contact, and a valid Bank accounts number for your transactions.

2. Contact our approved agent and fill our Membership form

Contact the nearest  agent for  our product. With the help of our approved agents, complete the forms and pay your money to the agent. Remember, ONLY pay your money to our approved agents and insist on your payment slip after the payment. For valification of our agents, you can always contact the HEAD OFFICE in SUNYANI.
For assistance or help on how to fill the form, click "CONTACT US" button.

3. Submit the form

After completing the forms, submit it to any of our various branch directors. Your form will be inspected for accuracy and reliability. You will be notified as soon as your form is processed to the Head Office. For help on how to submit a form, click "CONTACT US" button.