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We have put in place a number of pragmatic measures for our copious customers. The idea behind is to help satisfy their needs. Since our operating aim is to win the trust and confidence of our clients, all our operating policies are geared towards meeting the business needs of our clients. Even though we are young in the investment arena in Ghana, our economic achievements far supersedes our existence. Considering our recent Business survey carried out in the Sunyani Municipality, it became clear that our customers are satisfied with our mirror and corporate images we have been able to curve for ourselves within few months of existence.  In view of that, plans are far afoot for us to release two major bonanzas within the year, namely car and building loans for our trustworthy clients. 

Qualification: Although the new package is open to all, there are some measures that persons interested have to meet in order to take active part. Below are the stipulated regulations:

  • All our clients who have been with us  since the Commencement of our operations to date qualifies to apply for the package.
  • Clients must invest an amount first before the car or the building commence.
  • Clients who understand and have come to accept the business ethics surrounding our activities have chance of benefitting from either the car/house.
  1. Clients who can provide a Voter/Passport or National Health Insurance Identity Cards or their equivalent will also be considered.
  • A beneficiary should be someone willing to invest / is already investing in the routine activities of DKM Diamond Micro-Finance LTD to make the repayment of any of the car/house convenient.
  1. A client who needs a car or building loan must deposit an amount as per the agreement with DKM Diamond Micro-Finance LTD.

Criteria for Involvement : The mode of application of this reliable promotional package will depend on the type of car or building that a client will express interest in. Upon the mutual request, DKM Diamond Micro-Finance LTD will then announce or make known the cost of the car. Clients are to note that their request will base on their investment trend to avoid indebtedness. The car delivering date will be communicated to the client, this may not be more than three months. The building delivering date will depend on the clients’ building plan.

Martin K. Delle(CEO)


1: Investment
2: Car or/and Building Plan for all
3: Financial Loan Plan for all
4: Savings and Withdrawal Banking (Only in Sunyani Branch)
5: Agricultural Package for Farmers (NEW PRODUCT)

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